Cesar Vicente-García

Cesar Vicente-García was born in 1994 in Ibiza, Spain. He obtained his B.S. in Chemistry from the Universidad de Navarra in 2016, and in Biochemistry in 2018. As an undergraduate, he worked in mortar properties upgrade in the Heritage, Materials and Environment group (MIMED) at the Universidad de Navarra, and followed a two-year Research Training Program in genetic modification of T-Lymphocytes for adoptive T-cell transfer at the Immunology and Immunotherapy at the Applied Medical Research Centre (CIMA, Pamplona), under the supervision of Dr. Sandra Hervas-Stubbs. Currently, he is obtaining his master degree in Organic Chemistry at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, where he is working on autocatalytic methods in connection to the origin of life, under the supervision of Dr. Ignacio Colomer in the Tortosa group.

Mail: cesar.vicenteg@estudiante.uam.es